Monday, 22 May 2017


Autumn is coming
As I walk across the field I hear 
the crunchy dry leaves twitching
under my feet.

While the morning ticks
by I feel the frosty 
air brushing past my face.

As soon as I touch the 
door handle of the car I get a 
tingling  feeling in my fingers.

Walking to school I hear 
the wind whistling 
past as it sends me a frosty 
morning message.

The morning sunlight
glistened through the frosty 
sunrise coloured leaves.

The wind wafts by me and
pushes the golden bright leaves
into a colourful fiery tornado.

Autumn is coming so cuddle up by
 the fire so the frost doesn't get you.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Colour my life orange 

I am tangy mandarin and juicy orange. I am the delightful flavour of sweet orange choc chip ice cream.I am the crunch in a crunchy bar. I'm the colour of the sun shining in your eyes I'm the playful colour of a basketball bouncing joyfully. I am the fluffy colour of the egg yolk wrapped in the pillow of an egg. I am the colour of a bouncy baby tiger.
Once I was dark but now orange suffuses my world with light.
I sound like a hum of a hummingbird and taste of honey as orange fills my light through the dark. I can be mysterious and delicate as dust.
I am orange.


My mihi 
Tena koutou
Ko Aoraki te maunga
Ko Ōtakaro te awa
Ko Waimairi te kura
Ko Ngati Aotearoa te iwi
Ko Dean taku papa
Ko Nikki taku mama
No Ōtautahi ahau
Ko Megan taku ingoa 
Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa.


Acrostic poem
Magical memories 
Excited all the time
Getting outside 
Animals I love
Never noisy 

Loud talker
Yuck broccoli 
Extremely talented

Thursday, 24 November 2016


The great underwater adventure 
“Invisible time”! I shout as I'm swimming over to a  underwater secret cave …
“oh wait how  rude of me not to introduce myself I am gossipy  george and I am super evil
And I'm trying to help my boss complete his evil plan to blow up the  whole entire world wait a sec
I'm just going to take a photo with you and put it on instagram”
“I'm not supposed to tell you about my boss's secret plan so you have to keep it a secret ok let's get back to the  story”.
3 minutes later.
“Hey you get back here” “ahhhhhhhhhhh I thought you couldn't see meeeeee” 
“Phew I've lost them”  ring ring “hello” “you failed”! a dark voice whispers through the phone  “I know” 
“ Then Go back out there and do it again”!  “Ok ok why can't you ever do it yourself”? “go”! 
“Invisible time!… again” with a deep sigh I swim over to the secret cave “wait pause the scene ok so if you are wondering how I'm talking under water I have got a special underwater talking suit on”  
A few minutes later
“Ahhhhhh wait wait I just want to take  a selfie with the underwater police and send it to all my friends” click
“Back to the movie ok where was I”? “oh yeah ahhh”! ”Ok  maybe I'll just swim up to the surface  and then swim back down and”…”yes I got here without them seeing me ok all I have to do now is turn off all the power” switch
“nooooooo”! “Now I can't see”  click “ahhh that's better”
10 minutes later
“Yay!” “Woo hoo woo hoo oh yeah a ha yes I found it” beep “3,2,1” cabloom 
And that was the end of gossip George.



 I was in outer space for 39 earth months  you might think I am dead by now but I am still somewhere living my life.
Suddenly My spaceship crashed because I was on the phone and a Alain asteroid hit me I closed my eyes as I hit the ground.
The planet I crash landed on  had mean Aliens with tentacles and 3 beady eyes and they had spears and were going to lock me up .
I had to leave my spaceship because it was melting into the planet.
I walked halfway around the planet until I heard a big thump.
Until i saw it it was purple and black hairy and tall .
I ran into a blueberry bush but unfortunately there was a hole  
Until I found myself falling down a steep hole I closed my eyes suddenly I stopped a magic purple fluff ball put me in a giant bobble  and guided me out of the tunnel .
It took me to a waterfall behind it was a hidden city there were lots  of colourful fluff balls purple,pink,blue,green,red,orange and yellow .
And suddenly SURPRISE!  There were balloons strange cakes that floated in mid air we danced all night under the two yellow moons. then stomp, stomp ,stomp the fluff ball king showed up I did a deal with him that if he fixed my ship so when I went home I would give him two thousand diamonds for two years .
As I left the planet I felt relieved to be  leaving and going home but also I was sad because I had made so many friends and now I was leaving them .

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


My new bike!
“Hello nan” I yell from the car window arriving at my nans after lunch.

As I jump out of the car I see something amazing “yay a new bike!”I scream in excitement 

I turn and give my nan and grandad a big hug “thank you”, “would you like to try it out?” my grandad asked, “yes please” I exclaimed

As I struggle onto the bike I think about freedom and adventure, then woosh I zoom of like a rocket.

I could smell the fresh lavender in the air
and I could see the clouds racing past me. 
I could feel the the cool breeze whooshing past my face.

Then suddenly I'm down on the ground covered in dirt. I had fallen of my bike and into my nans garden. 

“thank you” ,I tell my mum as she helps me up. 

After that I hop back onto my bike and I'm of again, but being a bit more careful and I continue to let my hair flow through the wind.